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Eucalyptus honey

Price 4.90
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Eucalyptus honey

PRODUCED IN SICILY: guarantee of taste, quality and genuineness.

HEALTH BENEFITS: i) antioxidant action, ii) slowing down the aging process, iii) stimulates the immune system, iv) very useful to counteract seasonal infections.

EUCALYPTUS HONEY: rather compact and dense consistency. It tends to crystallize rapidly, within a few months, presenting itself in medium or fine crystals. Once crystallized, its color turns to grayish-beige. The flavor is often described as persistent, strong, intense, particularly balsamic and not excessively sweet. On the nose it recalls the smell of dried mushrooms or stock cube, while the taste is comparable to licorice and malt candies.

Wildflower Honey

Price 4.90
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Wildflower Honey

PRODUCED IN SICILY: Guarantee of taste, quality and genuineness.


Antioxidant action; Slowing down the aging process; Stimulates the immune system; Very useful to counteract seasonal infections.

WILDFLOWER HONEY:great aromatic richness: it is the result of the creative flair of nature. It is a palette of extraordinary shades and gradations that can give new and unexpected sensations every time. It is rich in nutrients and is a super ally to fight the evils of the season. In addition, it nourishes hair and skin.

Natural ingredients, without artificial preservatives.