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The Word "Zibibbo" comes from the Arabic word Zabīb(زبيب)which means "raisins" or "raisins". The Word Is Improperly Used To Indicate A Wine (Like Moscatellone) And Grapes Like Salamonica And Salamanna. A Large Production Of Zibibbo Was Present In Arab Antiquity In Taìfa.

The wine obtained from zibibbo is straw yellow, full with golden reflections, sweet and with a high alcohol content with a characteristic aroma. It goes well with cheeses and dry pastries.

Raisin wine

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A wine made from grapes subjected to drying even partial: natural (on the plant) or after harvesting.

Organoleptic characteristics:

color: golden yellow tending to amber;

bouquet: fragrant, characteristic of muscat;

taste: sweet, aromatic, pleasant, warm;

Recommended pairings:

The ideal combination is made up of desserts, preferably dry, almond or stuffed with jams that have some notes of acidity, such as those of sour cherries, currants or berries in general. Excellent with blue cheeses.


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Fortified wine

It is an excellent meditation and end-of-meal wine, served at 15-20 ° C. As an aperitif it is ideal with aged cheeses, at 8-10 ° C


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Moscato, fortified wine


Moscato liquoroso is an aromatic wine that preserves intact all the characteristics of the homonymous grapes grown in Sicily.

The typical golden color often has amber shades; the aromas stand out of ripe fruit, citrus and honey, and the taste is pleasantly sweet on the palate, intense and enveloping.

Wine of remarkable elegance, it is appreciated in the dessert, especially when it accompanies the typical dry biscuits of Sicilian pastry or ice cream, or as a youthful aperitif, combined with aged cheeses. In the latter case, it is always preferable to serve it cold, at a temperature between 8 and 12 degrees.

Almond wine

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The Almond Wine comes from an ancient Sicilian recipe and from the Vinification Process of Late Harvest grapes from the areas of Marsala (TP). This Almond Wine is characterized by the aroma and flavor of Almond, served cold is excellent as an aperitif, but above all it is served at the end of a meal to accompany dried fruit or almond pastes

ALCOHOL CONTENT: 16 degrees.

SUGARS: 10/12%

AROMATIZATION: of bitter almonds.

BOUQUET: intoxicating, characteristic of almond



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Malvasia is a sweet and dense fortified wine, with a classic light color. It lends itself well to combinations with desserts and desserts of all kinds! Choose that of Antichi Sapori di Sicilia and taste the authentic aromatic taste of Malvasia di Sicilia!

Grape variety : Malvasia bianca

Region : Sicily

Type : Malvasia

Denomination : Malvasia terre siciliane igp

Country : Italy

Alcohol : 16% vol

Temperature : 10-12°C

Format : 10 CL or 50 CL

Type : White

Selection : White wines

Selection : Malvasia Pellegrino Terre Siciliane

Other : PAIRINGS: Baked cakes, pastry