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Almond Panetto (Almond Milk)

Almond's Milk

Almond milk is a thirst-quenching drink to be enjoyed cold during the sultry summer days, but it is also a fundamental ingredient to make many recipes, such as almond panna cotta or the famous golden milk. Being a product of vegetable origin, moreover, almond milk is also very appreciated by those suffering from intolerances and is used as a substitute for cow's milk to prepare delicious desserts such as plumcake without eggs or coconut milk ice cream, but also special preparations such as chia pudding! Almond milk is very easy to make on your own as long as you choose quality ingredients, so fresh and natural almonds "cherry" red wines, extra virgin olive oil, Sunflower oil, Tuna, Dried tomato, Potato starch, Anchovies, Capers, White wine vinegar, Salt.

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